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The Coffee Hug / Kimbo Bio Organic Capsules – Nespresso® Compatible- 10 Caps/ Pack

Kimbo Bio Organic Capsules – Nespresso® Compatible- 10 Caps/ Pack

Intensity 8

10 Capsules

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Perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, floral aroma winth hints of almonds and spices. Organic coffee from Nicaragua, Peru, Tanzania and India

Intensity Level – 8

Pack of 10 Capsules

Every capsule contains 5.8 grams of coffee.

 Nespresso Intensity 8/12
Aroma 6/6
Body 5/6
Roast 3/6


Please Note: For use in machines that accept “Nespresso Original Line” style capsules only; these capsules do not fit any other type of machine.



The quality of a coffee depends above all on the quality of the raw materials.

This is the reason why Kimbo dedicates so much attention to the selection of green coffee from those countries that produce it.

All the cultivation phases of the coffee are watched carefully by our experts and are subject to multiple checks.

Because of this, the plant can grow healthily and produce an excellent quality of red berries. These berries hide their most precious treasure: the green beans.

The beans are dried by the sun, decorticated and finally shipped to Italy.


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