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Nespresso Ispirazione Venezia


Harmoniously balanced & thick body

10 Capsules

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Ispirazione Venezia gets its inspiration from the master blending of Venetian roasters once at the crossroads of two civilizations. Ispirazione Venezia celebrates the longest local coffee tradition of Italy with a roast that combines the intense notes of the Ottoman influence and the highly aromatic European coffee profiles. These influences arrived with the Venetian traders who led the way in importing coffee to Italy. The city was a bridge for the Ottoman culture, and soon the port bustled with master blenders and roasters. Over the centuries, Venetians roasters honed their craft, passing down the savoir-faire through the generations. To reflect this inherited know-how of Venetians roasters to combine intense and aromatic coffees in symphonic harmony, we gave Ispirazione Venezia the longest roast of the range. It harmonizes all the diverse elements of its Latin American Arabicas – a hint of fruity and floral aromas, the distinct cereal fragrance, and those luxurious notes of sweet caramel. When you add milk to this full-bodied espresso, it adds to the rounded smoothness and subtle sweetness of Ispirazione Venezia.


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